How To Make A Faux Fur Hood

Don’t have a hoodie or coat that you want to add a little fur to? Then make your own anytime hood hat!

What You’ll Need

  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Two sheets of fleece 20″ by 30″
  • A strip of long hair faux fur about 24″ by 3″
  • Thread that matches your colour of fleece
  • Thread that matches your colour of fur

Making The Hood

Fleece doesn’t need to be hemmed, so if you are making your own hood from scratch, this is a good choice of fabric, plus it’s warm! You will need two 20″ x 30″ rectangles of fabric. Lay them on top of each other and cut the top right corner into a rounded hood shape. Stitch along the seam using a matching colour of thread from the peak of the hood, around the top and down the back until you are 15″ from the bottom. Turn it inside out and voila, now you have a hood to wear with anything that didn’t come with one of it’s own! Just tuck the hood tails into whatever coat or hoodie you want to wear it with!

Adding The Fur

Whether you want to spice up one of your hoodies or coats with a little fur, or you’re adding the finishing touch to your new homemade fab hood hat, it’s easier than you think! You’ll need a strip of long hair faux fur 24″ x 3″. You can find it at almost any fabric store and it won’t cost too much for such a small amount!

Fab Thrifty Tip : Have some faux fur laying around? You actually might! Lots of coats come with detachable fur collars that would be perfect! Have on old out of style coat with a fur rimmed hood? Chop it off and re-use it! Or hit up a thrift shop to find some of these money saving options!

First, turn your hood inside out. Fold your faux fur in half to find the middle and pin it to the inside peak of your hood. Make sure the fur side of your fabric isn’t the part you’ll be stitching down, (while your hood is inside out, the fur should be like the peanut butter of a sandwich and the hood itself should be like the bread). Use a thread that matches the colour of the faux fur and stitch down both sides of the fur on both sides of the hood. Try to use small stitches that are easily hidden in the long fur.Once it’s attached, turn your hood right side out, fluff the fur and you should have a nice new fuzzy hood frame for your face!

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