How To Do A Fish Tail Braid

Fishtail braids are so cute and aren’t actually much more difficult to do than a regular braid, once you get the hang of it! The larger the braid the easier it is to do, so if it’s your first time you’re probably better starting out with one that uses all of your hair!

How To Do It

Simply divide the amount of hair you want braided into two equal portions. Take a very small amount of hair from the back of section one, cross it over and add it to section 2. Then take the same amount of hair from the back of section two and cross it over to portion one. Don’t make it too tight and keep swapping small sections of hair from the back of each of the two sections¬† into the opposite section until your braid is as long as you want it to be or you run out of hair. Then simply tie with a hair band or cute bow.

Ways To Wear

There are tons of fun different ways to wear fishtail braids! One long fishtail braid down your back like the braid in the image for this post is one way. You could also bring the single braid forward over your shoulder like in the diagram. You can do two smaller fishtail braids starting at your temples and join them behind your head with a hair band or bow while leaving the rest of your hair loose, which is a really cute princessish look. Or you can do the two small fishtail braids starting at your temples, but work them back into one braid with the rest of your hair behind your head. You can even work some coloured hair extensions into your braids if you want a really noticeable look or if your hair is very fine and the braid isn’t looking thick enough!

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