How To Be An Individual, Just Like Everyone Else

It’s true that most people want to be seen as a unique individual, while fitting into society of course. Unfortunately these two goals directly oppose each other. Fashion can be about individuality, but one step too far and suddenly you stumble into a style category like goth, sporty, preppy, grunge, hippie, etc. Really, if your look fits into a category, doesn’t that mean you’re not an individual? An individual in a category yes, but unique and original? Not really. That fine line between having people stare at you versus having people notice you is tricky to balance on, but we here at fabhowto will do our best to share with you some ways you can stand out without standing apart.

Decide What YOU Like

What is the point of being an individual if that individual isn’t you? If you’re looking for ways to transform yourself into someone else, this isn’t the post for you. Everyone is different, just like human snowflakes. It’s just all about finding those little things about yourself that you enjoy but that help distinguish you from everyone else. Maybe you’re crazy for cat ears. Perhaps you love lace. You might be really into rubber boots. Whatever it is, go with it! Broaden your fashion horizons by flipping through magazines, browsing boutiques or second hand stores, checking out clothing websites. See what’s out there and decide what feels right for you.

Don’t Go Overboard

This is important. Once you’ve decided what you like, don’t go crazy with it. So you’ve decided you like sweater vests? Don’t wear them everyday! Realize your crazy about the colour pink? Don’t dye your hair pink and wear nothing but that colour. Incorporate what you love into what you’re comfortable with. Find that balance by dying just a strand of your hair pink. Sew cat ears onto one of your hoodies. Wear your sweater vest a few days a month. Don’t allow yourself to be labeled as the “Pink Girl” or “The Ears Chick” or “Sweater Vest Lady” by falling into a style rut. Keep cultivating your look. At first it might feel like a lot of work, but in time it will become second nature.

Be Confident

Once you’ve established a balanced look that you’re comfortable with, own it! The problem with putting yourself out there is that there are always going to be people who don’t like you. Sometimes it’s jealousy, sometimes it’s conflict and sometimes there’s just no reason to it at all. Realizing it’s part of life and not letting it ruin your individual style can be difficult, but work toward it! Once you accept that not everyone’s going to accept you, you’ll feel like a brave new individual!

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