How To Get Easy Snowflake Nails

Those white flakes might be unpleasant to walk or drive in, but they sure do look cute on your fingernails! The best part is that “no two snowflakes look alike” which makes them a very forgiving pattern to paint on your nails for if your a beginner. In this post we’ll go over 5 possible snowflakes that you can paint on your nails, you can mix and match them or just use the one you like the most!

What You Will Need

  • Base Colour
  • Clear Top Coat
  • White Nail polish and a fine brush or a White Nail Art Pen

The first step is to apply your base coat and let it dry completely! This is very important because if you begin adding the snowflakes when the base coat has yet to harden, you will have to start all over! So be patient. Use a base coat with sparkles for a shimmery snowflake look! Once your base coat is dry you can begin adding your snowflakes. If it’s your first time, test it out by drawing them on a scrap of paper with both your right and left hand, just to get yourself used to it. Click on any of the snowflake diagrams to enlarge them.

Snowflake #1

This snowflake looks great on your nails in any size! First make a cross and then cross it with two more lines, keeping the length of all the lines as close as possible. Add tiny lines crossing lines 2 & 4 above and below the center. Now add little “v” shapes onto both of the ends of lines 1 & 3. Finish the flake by adding “v” shapes to both ends of lines 2 & 4.

Snowflake #2

For this snowflake start with the same 4 lined shape as you used for snowflake #1. Next attach each line in a circle near the center. Now add small lines right near the end of each of the lines. Finish the flake by adding a small dot in between each line in the free area above the circle.

Snowflake #3

This is a very simple snowflake to draw and is a slightly different style than the first two. Use the same 4 lined shape as you did for 1 & 2 but this time add a large dot onto both of the ends of each line. Now on each line add another dot of the same size about halfway between the center of the shape and your first dot.

Snowflake #4

Use the same 4 lines as a base shape like in 1,2 & 3, but this time keep the lines shorter. Now draw a circle onto the ends of each. Finish off the snowflake by attaching all the lines together with straight lines near the center to make a circle.

Snowflake #5

For this snowflake only use 3 lines, a cross plus one down the center. Add wide “v” shapes onto the ends of all the lines. Finally add small “v” shapes that attach the lines together near the center of the shape.

When you’ve finished painting on your snowflakes and they are completely dry, add your clear finishing top coat and you’re set!

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