How To Get Fabulously Frayed Jeans

Adding a trendy fray or area of wear to your fav pair of jeans isn’t difficult but it is a little time consuming. Luckily it doesn’t take too much concentration, so throw on a movie grab your jeans and a sheet of fine grain sandpaper. Be warned that there will be a bit of clean up involved as lots of little fuzzes get all over when you’re sanding your jeans! Also be aware that the better quality the jeans, the better the fray will look!

First decide how big of an area you want to fray. Mark it off with a pencil just so you know where to focus. Rub the sand paper in the desired area, mostly horizontally. When the small white threads begin to appear, do your best to maneuver the sandpaper around these to leave them intact, otherwise you’ll just end up with a hole. Gently tug on the fibers as they begin to be worn away and clear away as much as the jean fuzz that accumulates on your sandpaper as possible. If you want a very large fray you may be at it for a while, but work away at it slowly, carefully avoiding the white threads and it’ll be worth it!

Focus on a few of the regular wear areas with your sandpaper as well like around the pockets or fly. This will make your main fray seem less out of place than if it were on a otherwise spotless pair of new jeans. When you have completed your fabulous fray, simply wash then wear!

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  1. What works better is cutting a few slits in the jeans after you rub them with sandpaper, and then pulling out all the blue threads so only the horizontal white threads remain

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