How To Hem Your Pants

Have you noticed your perfect pair of jeans are starting to drag in the salt and slush? Maybe the previous hem let go on your favorite dress pants or you just bought them a little long. Whatever the reason, stop wearing them as is because you’re probably ruining them and learn to stitch a super easy invisible hem of your own!


What You Will Need

  • Thread that matches your pants
  • Needle, Pins, Scissors, Tape Measure, Iron

First, measure to find out how much length you want to take off your pants. If you want to take off more than 3 inches, cut off the excess length leaving about 2 inches extra to work with. If it’s only about 1 to 3 inches, just turn the pants inside out and fold up whatever excess there is. Iron the fold to make it stay. Take your needle and thread and tie it off at one of the outside seems about one inch from the bottom. In order to make the stitches invisible, when you poke through to the outside of your pants, do your best to return through as close to that hole as possible, leaving only a few threads in between. Don’t pull your thread too tight to help keep the fabric from bunching and to keep stitches subtle. Stitch all the way around the cuff in a straight line, then securely tie off your thread when you get back to where you began. That’s it!

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