How To Make A Hoodie Fit

There are some very cute hoodies out there these days and they are a great alternative to your bulky winter jacket as the weather starts getting warmer or to throw on while you’re indoors if you’ve maybe shut the heat off a little prematurely this season. It can be really difficult to find a hoodie that is flattering though, as most tend to be boxy and baggy. Giving your favorite hoodie a couture fit is a pretty simple process, even if you’re no seamstress.

A few years ago I got a band hoodie that I just loved. I’ve lost a lot of weight since then though so it had gotten pretty big on me. Though I was reluctant to throw it away as I couldn’t find a replacement in a smaller size anywhere, I knew it looked pretty awful and couldn’t wear it anymore as it was. It now fits perfectly and I even sewed on some new cuffs so it looks like brand new! The whole process only took me about 30 minutes.

What You Will Need

  • Your Hoodie (obviously)
  • Matching Thread
  • Straight Pins
  • Sewing Machine

First turn your hoodie inside out and put it on. Pin the hoodie along either side as tight as you would like it, all the way up to the underarms and then down the arms to the cuffs. (Be careful not to stick yourself!) Take the hoodie off and using a sewing machine stitch along where you pinned (removing the pins as you go) from the waist up and around to the cuff. Cut off the excess fabric outside your new seam, turn it right way out and you’re done! Hoodie fabric is nice and stretchy, so it’s pretty forgiving if your sewing isn’t perfect.

You can also use this method for t-shirts, tanks and yoga pants as well!


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