How To Make A Mini Top Hat

how to make mini top hat

Happy St Patrick’s Day Readers! If you’re looking to add a little bit of a festive kick to your evening look tonight, why not whip yourself up a cute mini top hat! I made this one using some left over fabric I had from my St Patty’s day skirt so it would all co-ordinate! It’s a surprisingly simple craft and if you have the fabric you want on hand, you’ll probably have the rest of the materials you need just laying around!

I made my hat pretty basic, but you can go all out by adding feathers, glitter, a leprechaun, whatever you’d like!

What You Will Need

  • Fabric (a 12″ by 12″ piece should be plenty)
  • Cardboard (you’ll need about 12″ by 12″ so hit up your recycling bin)
  • Masking tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 40″ of Ribbon
  • Decorations

Step 1

First cut yourself a 12″ x 3.5″ strip of cardboard. Roll lengthwise and overlap the ends however you want your hat to be shaped (I went just slightly narrower at the bottom). Secure using your masking tape and trim off any excess cardboard to make it so your cardboard tube sits flat

Step 2

Trace the top of your hat onto some of your leftover cardboard and cut it out. Set this circle aside. Then trace the bottom of your hat onto your leftover cardboard and add 1″ to 2″ depending on how wide you’d like the brim of your hat to be (mine is 1″). Cut it out. Also cut out the center of your brim where you traced the base of your hat, leaving you with a doughnut shape.

Step 3

Lay your circle and doughnut shape onto your fabric and trace. Add about half an inch to each shape and cut these out. Also cut yourself a 12″ by 3.5″  strip of fabric for around the body of your hat.

Step 4

Using your masking tape securely attach the brim of your hat and the top of your hat to your cardboard tube. You now have a cardboard hat!

Step 5

With your hot glue gun attach the circle of fabric to the top of your hat. Glue the extra half an inch of fabric down around the body of the hat. Next add hot glue around this extra half inch of fabric and attach the 12″ by 3.5″ strip of fabric around the body of the hat. Pull it as tight as possible around the top and the bottom and use a line of hot glue to attach it at the back of the hat. Trim off any excess fabric if necessary.

Step 6

Cut a slit in your doughnut shaped fabric so you can put it into place on the brim of your hat. Use hot glue to keep it in place and glue the excess fabric under the brim. Cover the underside of your hat with extra fabric if you wish.

Step 7

Using hot glue, attach the 40″ of ribbon to the underside of your hat to use to tie onto your head.

Step 8

Add ribbons, buckles, feathers, glitter, etc as you see fit.


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