How To Make An Easy Strapless Dress

Don’t have a favorite little black dress? Semi-formal approaching and find yourself broke and dressless? Just want a new fun little dress to add to your wardrobe? You can make this easy strapless dress either fancy and formal or fairly casual, depending on the fabric your choose. Picking something with lots of detail or some frills is fun, but just do your best to pick a fabric with some stretch to avoid having to add a zipper to the back!

What You Will Need

  • One of your fitted tank tops
  • Approx 4 ft by 3 ft of (slightly stretchy) Fabric
  • Matching Thread

Turn your fabric inside out and fold it in half. Lay your tank top on top of the fabric and trace it with chalk. Pin your folded fabric together so it won’t shift and stitch along the line. Then cut off the excess fabric.  Fold over about an inch at the top and an inch at the bottom and stitch a hem on each. Turn your dress inside out and you’re done! Stitch on a cute flower or bow or wear with a great belt.

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