How To Make An Initial Heart Pillow

What You Will Need

  • 2 sheets of 10″ by 10″ fabric
  • 3″ by 3″ fabric of another colour (for the initial)
  • Matching thread
  • Stuffing


Whether you’re just making yourself a cute little accent pillow for your bed or want to make your someone special a home-made Valentines Day gift, this is a quick and simple project that’s easy for just about anyone! First pin your two sheets of fabric together. Draw a heart on a scrap of lined paper and trace it onto your fabric. Cut the shape out of both pieces of fabric while they are pinned together to ensure they are the exact same shape.

Now on the paper heart, draw your initial and cut it out. Lay it on your 3″ by 3″ piece of fabric and trace them, then cut out your initial.

Unpin your fabric heart pieces and carefully with small unnoticeable stitches, stitch the initial onto your fabric heart.

Pin your heart pieces back together inside out and stitch all the way around the outside either by hand or using a sewing machine, just make sure you leave 3″ un-stitched on the side of the heart so that you can stuff it!

Now stuff the heart with either stuffing or soft left over fabric of some kind. Sew up the remaining 3″ by continually poking the needle through from the inside as to make the seamĀ  “invisible”. Decorate with lace or fabric paint as you see fit!


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