How To Read Your Palm

You don’t have to be a Gypsy to understand the meaning behind all those little lines on your hands! In fact, doing a basic reading of your own palm or those of your friends is actually pretty easy! You’ll want to read whichever hand is your “active” hand, meaning basically if you’re right handed, you will read your right palm. Your inactive hand is supposed to represent your future as it was laid out when you were first born, before you started making decisions of your own and shaping your life.

The Life Line

This line is the one found between your index finger and thumb that arches around your thumb in an arc toward your wrist. In our diagram it’s the line shown in blue. The Life Line and Head Line (shown in green) are usually attached at the beginning, and the length before they separate represents the time before you become emotionally independent of your parents. If the lines never meet, that represents a very independent person.

If the line is deep and clear without breaks or branches this represents a fulfilled happy life with good health. If the line is “chained” (looks like a chain) this could represent poor health. If it is chained only at the very end of the line, near the wrist, this could represent poor health only in the end of life.

If there are fine lines joining your Head Line (green) to your Life Line, these could represent goals and achievements. If there is a triangle formed about 2 thirds of the way down the life line, it indicates a talent in some sort of art form. An angle or sudden change in direction of the life line shows a large change in the course of your life. You can find an approximate timeline for all of these events by dividing your Life Line into 3 sections and having each section represent 25 years.

The Line Of The Head

This line is found beginning between your thumb and index finger and  it runs across the palm to below the pinky finger. In our diagram it’s the line shown in green. If this line is long and deep, it represents a person who is clear headed and strong. If the line is long but slants downward, this represents a person who is very smart, but often uses their knowledge for the wrong goals. If your Head Line and Heart Line (shown in orange) are joined to form one singular deep line, this is usually an indication that the person is very intelligent, and perhaps even a genius.

The Line Of The Heart

This is the line that runs parallel to the Line of the Head (shown in orange on our diagram). If this line is deep and defined, it represents a more intuitive person who is in touch with their emotions. This also means they feel things a lot deeper than most people. If the line is chained it could mean the person is high strung and nervous but this also can mean that someone is very creative. Chaining also can represent someone who falls in love easily.

The Luck Line

This line is shown in yellow on our diagram and not everyone has it. It’s length and depth represent how much good fortune the person has to look forward to. If the line is strong and clear only until it crosses the Heart Line, this can represent someone who lets fear, anger and other emotions get in the way of their good fortune. If the Luck Line breaks or ends at the Line of the Head, this can represent someone who over thinks things and ends up getting in their own way.

The Wristlets

These are shown in purple on our diagram and can sometimes be an indication of how long someone’s life will be. Each full defined Wristlet is said to represent 20 years of life. They can change based on life style however, so if you’re worriedly looking at your single Wristlet, don’t freak out!

The Love Lines

These lines appear above the Line of the Heart and are shown in pink on our diagram. There will probably be more than one line here and each is said to represent a great love. The longer and deeper the line, the longer and deeper the love. If one of the lines starts in a branch or sideways “v” shape, this is said to represent a soul mate. If two of the lines cross this can indicate a rough time as it could mean you’ll be in love with two people at once. From your Heart Line to the base of your pinky finger can represent the length of your life, The Heart Line being the beginning. The location of these Love Lines in the space between your Heart Line and pinky finger can represent approximately when in life they will occur. If you’re already with someone romantically, put your hands side by side and see if your Love Lines match up! If they don’t, don’t break up or anything, it’s not an exact science!


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