How To Remove Salt Stains

Winter is finally winding down it seems but before you stick your winter boots to the back of the closet for the year, clean them up! Salt stains on your boots are an unpleasant side effect of not falling on our face every time you step outside in the winter. Though we appreciate not slipping on the ice, the salt stains really do make even your favorite pair of boots unappealing. Luckily there is an easy home remedy to get your boots looking (at least almost) like new!

Disclaimer : If the salt has already started eating away the material, there may be no saving your boots. Throw them away and just make sure you keep the next pair clean!

What You Will Need

  • 1/4 Cup White Vinegar
  • 1/4 Cup Water
  • Brush (Old toothbrush, hair brush, etc)

Make sure your boots are completely dry and then use the dry brush to sweep away as much of the surface salt and dirt as possible. When you’ve removed as much as you think possible with this method, mix the vinegar and water together in a dish. Using a cloth gently dab at the salt stains and saturate the area. The stains will likely appear to be gone from the damp boots before they are actually gone, so continue working on them a little while longer than you might think necessary. Let them dry and if stains persist, repeat the process.

When you are satisfied with your salt stain removal, use a weather protector spray like Tana All Protector to help your boots resist future stains!



  1. Hello,
    I’m going on my first ski trip soon and know nothing about snow.
    I”m thinking about getting a white pair of boots and would like to know if they stain from anything. Will they stain from sidewalk salt or any other factor?

  2. I am a summer lover , but anyhow your tips are valuable , for the hard winters…i didn’t know that the vinegar has such an effect…

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