How To Spend Your Leap Year Day

February 29th isn’t a major holiday or even a day most people really take note of but we here at Fabhowto think this once every four year wonder is the prefect occasion to have the perfect day! You know those rare and exciting “perfect days” when you get so much accomplished, say and do all the right things and end up having some neat little adventure about which you can tell your friends for years to come? You may be under the impression that planning such a day just doesn’t work, but have you ever tried? Plus today is your leap day, so it’s not like you’re planning a while in advance. Just go with it for one day and see what happens!

Stand Out

This year the universe is giving you an extra day, so why not spend a little extra time getting yourself ready for that day in return! Spend a few more minutes than usual perfecting your makeup and throw on a bright red lipstick to make your look pop. Do something different with your hair; curl it if it’s usually straight or straighten it if it’s usually curly. Wear a pretty necklace, a headband, a scarf, movie star sunglasses, anything to break out of your day to day comfort zone and do something different! Try to look like someone who is about to have an amazing day!

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Treat Yourself

Stop into your favorite bakery on your way to school or work and finally get yourself one of those croissants you’ve been admiring on your way by for the past month. Spend a few extra bucks and grab a late, cappuccino, hot chocolate, anything you feel will be the fuel you need to later embark on your leap day adventure! Sure you’re looking at a few more calories than usual, but weight loss should be about self control, not self denial, plus you’ll probably burn off the extra cals on your adventure anyway!

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Get A Wing Woman

Batman had Robin, Han had Chewbacca, Shrek had Donkey… Every good adventurer requires a sidekick and so do you! Chose your best friend or someone you’re just getting to know. Put it out there on Facebook or call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Mention a leap year adventure and we’re sure someone will jump on board! If you can only find someone to join you who perhaps isn’t your favorite person? Give it a chance, maybe they will be by the end of the night!

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Embark On Your Adventure

An adventure is defined as, “a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome”. Try to make this your mantra as you head out on the town! Sure it’s a weeknight and you probably both have school or work in the morning, but you only live once, so go with it! Venture forth to places unknown to you! Google local landmarks and go see a few that you’ve never made time to visit. Bring your mp3 player and go gazebo hopping by stopping at any you see and dancing in them! Visit a park and play like when you were kids, you’ll be amazed at the advances in playground equipment! Go to a club, a pub, a dive, somewhere you’ve never been before. Try new foods, drinks, activities anything to make your leap day adventure one you’ll be talking about for the next four years! And make sure you take LOTS of photos!

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Above all else, enjoy yourself. Trying and doing new things with unfamiliar people can be hard for the bravest of us, but put on your leap year superhero pants and do things you never thought you had it in you to do! Afterwards we’d love to hear about your leap year day! Leave us a comment or send us an e-mail and tell us all about your adventure!

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