How To Start Losing Weight

So you have decided you want to try to lose weight? Whether you’ve just been putting off working on your new years resolution or you can feel Spring finally closing in and are dreading the approaching swimsuit weather, every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around, so get started right now!

The Right Attitude

To quote one of my favorite little green men, “There is no try. Only do or do not.” This is an excellent attitude to adopt regarding getting healthy. Simply trying to lose weight leaves room for failure. If you go in thinking, “I might not be able to do this,” it’s easier for you slip up, get off track and stay there! Changing your outlook is really the hardest step in the whole weight loss process and unfortunately it’s the first one you have to take. Realize that losing weight is possible for everyone, sure you will probably have a harder time at it than your neighbor’s cousin Sally who dropped 45 pounds just switching to diet pop, but weight loss isn’t a race. You aren’t competing against anything but your own unhealthy habits, so avoid comparisons! The only comparison that counts is between how you feel now and how you’re going to feel when you start getting healthy.

Always Remember What It’s Like Now

Measure everything; your arms, legs, stomach, waist, hips, neck, wrists, ankles, etc and record your measurements in a notebook so that when you lose all the weight you want, you’ll know exactly how many inches you’ve lost. Take a dreaded “before” picture of yourself in as little clothing as possible. Yes, it’s going to look awful and you’re going to hate it, but believe me you’re going to want it to look back on when you finally get to where you want to be! Just tuck it away somewhere so you don’t have to see it all the time and keep it for later. Take note of how far you can jog before you’re exhausted or how many sit ups/ push ups you can do right now. Record how many calories you eat in an average week. Do whatever you can to create a detailed account of your health at this moment in time because there are hard times ahead, and looking back at how far you’ve come when the going gets tough can help give you that boost you’ll need to keep pushing forward!

Stay Focused

Set a healthy weight loss goal for yourself and write it down. Look at it everyday. This is more important than you may realize because as you start losing weight and making progress, you’re going to start feeling better and your focus tends to blur in your new healthier happier view. It’s easy to lose sight of the destination when you start really enjoying the journey, but keep working toward your goal or you may get turned around and end up right back where you started, which is always an unpleasant revelation.

Waste Money

So it’s cheaper to buy the big bag of chips and eat it over a few days than to buy yourself a small bag every other day? Get the small bag anyway. There’s a huge sale on Kraft Dinner and you could buy enough to feed you for a month? Only get one box and pay regular price next time you want to buy it. Your favorite client brought you a whole plate of her homemade chocolate explosion brownies? Eat one and throw the rest away (when she’s not looking, of course). Yes, being wasteful sucks, but being economical is an easy excuse for eating more than you need. If it’s not possible for you to have a box of Oreo in the house and only eat one a day, recognize this about yourself and don’t have them around! Willpower can be hard to find, especially when you’re just starting down your healthy path, so avoid temptation whenever possible and don’t make excuses for yourself. If getting healthy is your priority then make it your priority.

Learn To Lose The Battle Without Losing The War

Losing weight and being healthy is one of the hardest things most people will ever attempt to do. You’re going to mess up and have a bad day here and there when you succumb to the siren call of a tub of ice cream. It’s important to realize that everyone makes mistakes and if your determination fails you one day, don’t let that failure be an excuse to continue farther from your healthy path. When you have a bad day, make sure it’s only that, and get yourself back to your health habits the very next day. Don’t allow a bad day to turn into a bad week, bad month, etc or you’ll end up looking back at it as the day you stopped losing weight a year from now when you’re wondering what happened. Just remember keep picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and starting again! Eventually you’ll end up where you want to be.

Get Ready To Hurt

Transition is hard and your biggest change is going from not being active at all and eating wrong to starting to be active and eating right. You’re likely going to be hungry when you only eat as much as you’re supposed to in a day because you’ve stretched out your stomach or because you eat for other reasons (emotions, boredom, stress, etc). The hunger will become easier to deal with after a week and by the end of your first month you should have much less difficulty with it, but just remember that it does get easier, and keep going. You can also check out our tips on dealing with your hunger. Exercise is also going to be unpleasant the first few times you do it. Your muscles will hurt, you’ll be tired and just want to just curl up on the couch with a bag of chips. Keep going, push yourself and recognize and enjoy the fact that it does get easier each time you do it!

Set A Routine And Stick To It

Last but not least you should set yourself a strict routine and do your very best to stick to it. Determine how many calories you should be eating every day, how often you want to exercise, how long you want to sleep and keep track. Every day you stick to your routine is an accomplishment and step in the right direction. There will be lots, so enjoy every little one!

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