How To Store Your Necklaces

Are you getting tired of opening your jewelry box to choose the perfect necklace, you see one but end up pulling out a mound of 30 tangled together? Maybe you just have way too many and they are starting to spill out of your designated drawer and onto the floor. Fabhowto has a few fab decor friendly ways to share with you to keep that jewelry neat and organized. You can use whatever organization option sounds best or combine a few of them, whatever works for you!


Organization Option #1 – The Prettiest Preserves

What You Will Need

  • Mason jars or something similar
  • Cute ribbon

This option is great because it makes your jewelry storage part of your room decor. You just fill up each mason jar with a few necklaces (after cleaning out the jar of course!). You can close them or leave them open, fill them full or only part way. Line them up on a shelf, on your makeup table or along a windowsill. You can tie cute coloured ribbons around the top of the jar and even attach little tags letting you know which of your necklaces are inside, though this is more for appearance since you should be able to just see through the jar.


Organization Option #2 – Drawer Dishes

What You Will Need

  • Some cute cups and saucers

If you have a special jewelry drawer where you prefer to keep your sparkly things, but it needs a little organizational touch, this is a great option! Either raid your kitchen cabinets for any tiny dishes, cups or saucers that you think are adorable or hit up your local second hand store to find some cheap gems. Place the dishes in your drawer and place your jewelry items in the dishes. Suddenly finding what you’re looking for will be a breeze!

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Organization Option #3 – A Necklace Board

What You Will Need

  • An inexpensive cork bulletin board
  • Staples & stapler
  • A pretty fabric or velvet
  • Cute thumbtacks

First you will need to measure your bulletin board and cut a piece of your fabric big enough that it will cover the front and wrap around each side to the back of the board. Pull the fabric tight and staple it. Flip it back over, apply a few fancy thumbtacks, hang it on the wall and voila, your very own necklace board!


Organization Option #4 – Jewelry Tree

What You Will Need

  • A small pot or vase
  • A branch (the more intricate the twigs, the better)
  • Stones (to fill the pot or vase)

Take your branch and stick it in the vase or pot. Fill in stones around the branch so it stands securely. Hang your jewelry from the twigs to make your very own jewelry tree. Maybe if you water it and it gets lots of sunshine, it will sprout you a new pair of earrings!

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  1. i love these ideas xx
    the jars are brill because i used empty jam jars etc.
    perfect for my room wouldn’t of thought of this by myself thanks a pretty little bunch xxx

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