How To Tell If He Likes You

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and perhaps you find yourself wondering if that hottie you’ve been hanging with is actually into you? Let me start off by saying that everyone is different and this post will not be some scientific formula that you can work through to find out if your crush is crushing back (though if you know of one, please fill us in). Instead, we will go through a few key elements to look for while interacting with your special guy that could mean, he likes you back.

Serious Eye Contact

Yes, some guys just make more eye contact than others, but watch your guy around other people and compare. Maybe don’t whip out your stop watch and time how long he peers into the eyes of your friends, but take note and next time you’re together see if there’s a difference.

Physical Contact

Again, some guys are just more touchy feeling than others, but see if you notice a lot of lingering hugs or handshakes or that he comes up with a lot of random excuses to touch you, like he tucks your tag into the back of your shirt for you, pulls a fuzz off your sweater, those types of things. If he always sits closer to you than necessary, that’s a good sign because when you’re into someone, you just want to be as close to them as possible as often as possible.

Constantly In Contact

If a guy is into you, he will talk to. He’ll text you, message you, call you, Facebook you, something! Or all of the above. Of course he’ll probably try to play it cool and not come across like a stalker, but if you’re always the one who talks to him first, stop and give him the chance to message you, if he does a few times, he obviously wants to talk to you which is another good sign.

His Friends Know Who You Are

It’s always good if he wants you to meet his friends first of all and if they are already familiar with who you are, that’s just a bonus. If he’s into you, his friends probably know that he is, maybe even before he does. Pay attention and be sure to make a good impression on his pals because he’ll definitely be asking them what they think of you later.

All The Little Things

Does he hold the door open for you? Insist on paying for your coffee? Offer to help you move/ study/ anything like that? Don’t keep score, but be aware that he probably wouldn’t go out of his way to do those kinds of things often unless he was into you. If he opens your car door for you, he’s probably got it pretty bad!

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