Personalized Valentines

With images of practically everything you could think of available online, tons of easy to use photo editing software and high quality printers abound, making your own personalized Valentines is just too easy not to do! Unless of course you’re looking for that store bought filling out Valentine nostalgia anyway, though you could always make your personalized Valentines the same shape and style as the usual boxed Valentines day cards!

Pop Up Valentine

To make a cute popup Valentine choose your main image, a border, think of a cute Valentines card saying to go along with it and print it all off. Then cut out little paper hearts and fold them in half, attaching only one half of the heart to your card. Another option is to print off two copies of your Valentine and cut out either the border or some of the shapes from your image and glue them onto little foam pads over the original image to give it a 3d look.

Colouring Sheet Valentine

This is something that’s great for kids, but your friends might have fun with it too! Just think of something the person who the Valentine is for loves and Google it to find a colouring page version. Shrink it down, add some fun text, a related borer and print it off on card stock paper to give it a real Valentine feel! If you can’t find a colouring page version of something, you can always reduce a regular image down to just the basic lines using photo editing software like we did for this Robosaurus Valentine.

Glitter Valentine

If you haven’t noticed yet, we here at fabhowto are fond of the glitter. The method for making this Valentine is very similar to the colouring sheet one, except you can print a version that is in colour. Then pick a few of the prominent colours on your Valentine and paint white glue over just those sections. Then sprinkle on a glitter of the same colour for a cute sparkly touch or go all out and do the whole Valentine in different colours of glitter.

Photo Valentine

Find an awesome or funny photo of your someone special or their pet and use it as the image on your Valentines day card (Facebook is great for this). Put a border on it and using an appropriate font, throw on an inside joke, cheesy Valentines day slogan or something cute and mushy.


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