Forget Cinderella, How To MAKE The Shoe Fit

Have you ever had an evil step sister moment while out shoe shopping? You see a pair of adorable must haves, and they’re even on sale! You throw off your old kicks and cram the clearance gems onto your feet. You stand in front of the mirror and check them out with tears in your eyes, not because they’re so beautiful, but because they’re so uncomfortable! Fear not, because Fabhowto has some Fairy Godmother secrets to share with you that can make even the most brutal pumps wearable, at least long enough to  get you through the ball!

Shoe-issue #1 : My toes are scrunched! The shoe’s too small…

We all know how uncomfortable smushed toes can  feel after just a little walking, plus they can leave you with some nasty blisters or even cause bunions over time! So what can you do to give your little piggies some breathing room (short of chopping off the end of your shoe of course, not everything works in a peep-toe style). Believe it or not, adding something else to the shoe can be the solution! You can usually find small foam pads that are shaped to fit into the toe of a shoe. If your shoe store doesn’t have any, you can always use a full foam insole and just cut it in half about 3″ from the toe. This will help hold your foot back in the shoe, giving your toes space to be comfortable! If your shoe happens to be leather, suede or nubuck and the foam pad just doesn’t cut it, you can also try applying a “Shoe Stretch” spray to the problem area. This product is available in almost all shoe stores.

Shoe-issue #2 : My heel slips out! The shoe’s too big…

The solution to this issue is basically the same as the solution to issue #1! If the shoe you’re working with is 5 sizes too big making you look like you did when you were a little kid playing dress up in your mom’s closet, there may be no help for you. If the shoe is maybe a size to a size and a half too big, adding the foam pad to the toe will help to push your foot back into the heel, making it feel more secure. If you need a little extra grip, try using some anti-slip heel grips that stick into the heels of your shoes. These are also available at almost any shoe store.

Shoe-issue #3 : My feet are ACHING! The shoe’s just not comfortable…

Unfortunately lots of women’s dressy shoes aren’t made with any support. The first step is to identifying where exactly your foot is hurting. If the pain is sharp and around the base of your toes you could need a little metatarsal support, which is a small rounded pad that fits into your shoe and sits under the ball of your foot. If the pain is more of a muscle ache and is around the inside arch of your foot, you’re probably in need of an arch support. You can get 3/4 insoles that offer arch support, which is nice for open toed shoes, or even small foam arch supports that you can slip under your arch for in strappy sandals. If you find your heel is the part of your foot in the most pain, you could need a little extra heel cushion. You can get small foam cushions that fit under your heel or you can opt for a full cushioned insole. Again, any of these items should be available in your local shoe store or even from the shoe section of Walmart! Also, feel comfortable asking for assistance with your shoe issues from the sales person, they should know what they’re talking about.

Have a shoe-issue we didn’t cover? Leave us a comment to let us know about it and maybe we can help!

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  1. Really awesome tips here! I hate it when I buy a pair of shoes that I love but they just don’t fit… Will be sure to try some of these tips out the next time that happens!

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