How To Host A Fab Grown Up Sleepover

photo credit Sleepovers don’t have to be just for little kids! If you want to plan something kind of different but lots of fun for you and your friends, a grownup sleepover could be a real hit! Not sure what to do? Not sure what to serve? Fear not, Fabhowto will fill you in on everything you need to know ...

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How To Read Your Palm

photo credit You don’t have to be a Gypsy to understand the meaning behind all those little lines on your hands! In fact, doing a basic reading of your own palm or those of your friends is actually pretty easy! You’ll want to read whichever hand is your “active” hand, meaning basically if you’re right handed, you will read your ...

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How To Curb Your Hunger

photo credit Finding yourself rather famished lately? Maybe you’re just finishing up your first month of a New Years Resolution to eat less or maybe you just ate too much over the Christmas holidays and stretched out your stomach. Hunger is not a nice feeling so check out these Fabhowto tips on how to keep those hunger pains at bay ...

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How To Be An Individual, Just Like Everyone Else

photo credit It’s true that most people want to be seen as a unique individual, while fitting into society of course. Unfortunately these two goals directly oppose each other. Fashion can be about individuality, but one step too far and suddenly you stumble into a style category like goth, sporty, preppy, grunge, hippie, etc. Really, if your look fits into ...

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Giveaway: Launch Party – Free Fab Jewelry from Gemvara!

Gemvara giveaway

Hey Girls! What a way to kick things off! Our partner has (2) $200 gift cards from our awesome friends at Gemvara Jewelry that we will be giving away to two lucky users! Holy Smokes is right…That’s $200 worth of free jewelry! Just for liking us! We know you already do anyways… All you have to do to enter is be a ...

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