How To Get Easy Snowflake Nails

photo credit Those white flakes might be unpleasant to walk or drive in, but they sure do look cute on your fingernails! The best part is that “no two snowflakes look alike” which makes them a very forgiving pattern to paint on your nails for if your a beginner. In this post we’ll go over 5 possible snowflakes that you ...

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How To Do An Easy Home Hair Cleanse

photo credit Have you ever switched to a new shampoo and absolutely loved it, but then after a while it just didn’t seem to work as well? Maybe you’ve started to notice that your hair just doesn’t have the bounce it used to or always feels just slightly greasy, even right after you wash it. There’s a reason for this ...

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How To Do A Fish Tail Braid

photo credit Fishtail braids are so cute and aren’t actually much more difficult to do than a regular braid, once you get the hang of it! The larger the braid the easier it is to do, so if it’s your first time you’re probably better starting out with one that uses all of your hair! How To Do It Simply ...

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