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How To Store Your Necklaces

photo credit Are you getting tired of opening your jewelry box to choose the perfect necklace, you see one but end up pulling out a mound of 30 tangled together? Maybe you just have way too many and they are starting to spill out of your designated drawer and onto the floor. Fabhowto has a few fab decor friendly ways ...

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How To Make A Memory Page Wall Hanging

photo credit Scrapbooking can be a fun and creative way to store your photos and memories, but the problem I find with scrapbooks is that usually once you finish filling it, you shut it up and put it away on a shelf somewhere. I want to recall some memories everyday and hanging your memory page on the wall in plain ...

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How To Make Your Own Headbands


Sometimes all it takes to make a look really pop is a simple yet unique touch. An easy way to accomplish this is with cute do it yourself accessories. Try adding a coordinating homemade headband to your lovely locks. For very simple headbands you can use long  colourful ribbon or braid together some twine, leather or your favorite fabric. How ...

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How To Make A Dream Catcher

photo credit Having nightmares? Want to make a thoughtful and pretty homemade gift? Just always wondered how to do it? Making a dream catcher is a pretty simple process and it can be a lot of fun. You can make them in almost any size, from big ones to hang in your window to tiny ones you can wear as ...

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